community - oude molen eco village

In 2001 the Oude Molen Village community consisted of seventy commercial, non-profit and educational enterprises collectively providing three hundred full time employment opportunities.

The lack of long term tenure together with external challenges resulted in many enterprises relocating to more secure destinations.

The Eco Village currently hosts 42 small business enterprises that collectively providing approximately two hundred fulltime employment opportunities. Enterprises range from backpacker accommodation to music studios, equestrian activities, frail care services, metal, wood and craft workshops, public pool and braai facilities and urban agriculture. They include educational, cultural, social and recreational amenities and Non-Profit services for children, youth and the elderly all benefiting local communities.

It is a working demonstration of how proactive citizen involvement has transformed an under-utilised and abandoned public asset to address socio-economic and environmental challenges in an innovative way. It showcases and promotes a unique amalgamation of; constructive and proactive community action, progressive and proven international best practices; responsible joint custodianship of public assets. This initiative has the potential to inspire similar proactive citizenship involvement to address unemployment, youth development, food security and environmental challenges.

While the village community consists of an eclectic body of individuals with diverse opinions, rent paying tenants are proactive, positive, hardworking enterprise owners and social entrepreneurs interacting with one another in a constructive supportive and respectful way.


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