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Food Garden Village

Original founder Jonno Kennedy started making his own vegetable garden just outside his dwelling in August 2002 .One afternoon he came home to find four 8—10 year old children digging a patch of ground – they too wanted to make a vegetable garden, and so, quite spontaneously, the Food Garden Project was launched!


The Food Garden Village is an urban agricultural project which began as an educational and empowerment programme for children and youth and soon included a programme for clients of the occupational therapy department of the Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital.


Sadly Jonno (fondly known as Oupa) passed away and now Kelly & Mariette have taken on the roles of day to day running of the OM Garden in order to continue this beautiful space & educational projects.

Kelly qualified as a Horticulturist in the UK in 1989, and came to live in SA in 1991. Her passions are plants, Traditional Medicine & healing and educating young people in Permaculture methods.

Mariette is the founder of SuperSprout Seeds. She’s an artist, inventor and specializes in collecting and saving rare and exotic heirloom seeds.

Combined they make a dynamic team who have exciting visions for the future of The Oude Molen Food Garden.


Visit the Facebook link below to find out more

K1 Oude Molen Eco Village

Kelly +27 (0)82 411 1160

Mariette +27 (0)82 700 0155

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