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Vision for The Village


To provide a financially sustainable win-win solution to a range of competing key stakeholder interests, while ensuring benefits to as many stakeholders and communities in the region as possible.


"You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no results.” – Gandhi

Overall Aim

To continue transforming the Oude Molen property into a unique micro enterprise eco village to be managed as a social enterprise benefiting local communities and acting as a catalyst for socio-economic, environmental and educational development in the region and becoming a successful flagship project that can be replicated

Key Objectives

  • Preserving the unique location, social, economic and recreational potential and public urban park character of the property

  • Complementing the Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) initiative, the Provincial Regeneration Programme vision and the World Design Capital 2014 programme for the City

  • Providing affordable rental rates to micro enterprises, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and mixed income residential occupants

  • The inclusion of non-profit and educational institutions that can provide socio-economic, environmental and educational services to local and neighbouring communities

  • Creating a unique sought-after destination for local and international tourism

  • Optimising the use of renewable energy and water saving technology throughout the eco village development

  • Providing a variety of social and recreational facilities such as; equestrian activities, public swimming pool, picnic and braai facilities, public playgrounds and an amphitheatre for music and cultural events

  • Offering craft and food markets for informal sector employment opportunities

  • Providing space for urban agriculture and communal food gardens

  • For all enterprises to offer job shadowing opportunities to unemployed youth

  • Distributing profits towards additional socio-economic, environmental and educational development in the region

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