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About The Village

The well-known architect and designer Buckminster Fuller once said: “You never change the existing reality by fighting it. Instead, create a new model that makes the old one obsolete.” Fuller may well have been talking about the Oude Molen Eco Village, which has evolved from an abandoned and vandalised hospital complex into a holistic, environmentally-friendly village of micro-businesses, non-profit organisations and social enterprise services.

It is a vibrant and diverse village community that provides jobs, food security and youth development to the local, neighbouring and outlying communities in the region.

Come and visit this colourful community situated in the Black River area with a panoramic view of Devil’s Peak and the majestic mountain beyond. Here you will find numerous metal, wood and craft enterprises, social projects, food gardens, a public swimming pool and recreation facilities, a frail care center, a farm stall café, a horse-riding school, backpacker’s accommodation and artists, musicians and film industry services.

You can also join our exciting internship programme by adding your skills to the village. Please go to "Help Us" or click on the button below.


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